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    Buying ethical and sustainable fashion – where to do it and how.

    Hats off to eco-friendly fashion! I know that was corny, but I could not help myself. If you know me, you know I like shopping. I found it to be the most successful way to fill the void in my soul. Just kidding. Sort of. In all serious-ness I enjoy fashion because it is a way for my to be creative, but fashion is becoming a serious problem for our planet. As a fashion blogger (hey, all 1700 followers, I see you.) I think it is important to promote and engage with eco friendly fashion!

    The best way to participate in eco-friendly fashion is to …. CUT BACK. Stop buying things. Do you really need the sweater in a slightly different shade, or the jeans that are the same cut just different length? Trust me, I am not judging, as I sometimes over buy too, but acknowledging you can and should cut back is step number 1.

    A great way to be more sustainable when it comes to fashion is step away from malls and boutiques and start thrift and vintage shopping. Second hand shopping is a great way to not indulge in fast fashion as much, recycle, and sometimes save money. Another added bonus is you can actually find really unique pieces that are more exciting then the trends found in most stores. It also gives you a chance to be creative, I get inspired by finding certain pieces that I know I can transform (cutting oversized band tees into cool ripped cropped tops, or patching vintage high rise levis).

    For all my windsorites, we headed to Full Circle Vintage. In the heart of Walkerville, Full Circle is offering many amazing vintage finds for men and women. It has so many cool pieces to offer, and you can leave you guilt free! When I walked in I laid my eyes on a suede black cowboy hat. Let me say that again. A. Suede. Black. Cowboy. Hat. I needed it ASAP. I am absolutely in love with Western style. From boots to hats to embroidered dress shirts, I am here for all of it! I matched the black cowboy hat with a white shirt with an awesome lifted chest piece that has minimal, but oh so important details. I paired these with a leopard clutch to add colour and dimension, while modernizing the outfit. I then included a leather brown jacket for the full Clinton Eastwood affect.

    As you all know, fashion has the good, the bad and, the ugly. I think we can all try to do more good by continuing to make more ethical and sustainable fashion choices. Start to scout our the vintage, thrift and consignment stores in your city as a start.

    To help some of you find some other eco-friendly choices, I made a list of all-Canadian, all-awesome, all sustainable retailers.

    Enjoy your second hand, earth friendly, and sustainable shopping!

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    Discover the world of records at Dr. Disc

    Music is always a way to change your mood, calm you down, lift up your spirits, or listen to when you are already sad and want to be sadder (seriously, why do we as humans do this?). But it’s also something that can inspire culture, fashion, trends and much more.

    I used to be more of a music junkie but I think that came from having more time, and hope…early 20’s were definitely easier times. With that being said, I still love finding new music, purchasing records and going to concerts.

    My music taste has widened so much in the last 10 years. When I was younger I would always look at boy bands in a negative way. Years went by and I realized it was internalized sexism that I was not aware of. Society often acts as thing that are popular among women are not as important, not as talented and overall not as good. Once I realized that I opened up my heart to so many different things, and now I am a serious Harry Styles and Jonas Brothers fan, not because I am a woman, but because they both are unreal.

    I have always enjoyed music that is feel good, or fun. I enjoy those songs that you here that automatically put you in a good mood or make you feel butterflies over nobody (this isn’t just me right?). I listen to all genres, because anyone who says they only listen to one type is seriously missing out! Currently, I have been listening to my first true music love: Spice girls. For real. They are so so so good. Girl Power! The best! Below are some other current faves:

    • Holler – Spice Girls
    • EARFQUAKE – Tyler, The Creator
    • Read My Lips – King Deco
    • DaNcing in a RoOm – EZI
    • Curly Hair – Jayoh Birch
    • Art Hoes – kadiata
    • Pine & Ginger – Amindi
    • Catching Feelings (feat Six60) – Drax Project
    • Pleasure – DiRTY RADiO
    • Brothers Keeper (feat Pusha T) – Anderson .Paak
    • Tangerine Girl – Asher Roth

    The way we take in music has changed a lot too with streaming services such as Spotify we are now listening to songs instead of albums. This is great because it helps you discover new music, but I really still do love listening to an album from start to finish, they way many artists intended for us to listen. That’s why I love getting records from places (such as Dr. Disc) so I can enjoy music a little different ain a different environment. Plus, always good to shop local.

    As mention, music has inspired fashion in so many ways. Sometimes when throwing on an outfit I am channeling (or trying to anyway) some of my favourite artists. Here is this record store outfit, I was wearing leather pants, because leather is rock and leather is cool and leather that is actually pleather so it can stretch and it can be easy to put on. ha. very rock n roll I tell you. I rocked my leather pants with some leather boots to create a pant melting into my shoes look. Yes, they are another pair of black pointed toe boots. Yes, I know I have a problem. I paired these with a brown sweater. This is probably one of my favourite sweaters. The sleeve detail on it allows it to stand out from your every day sweater. As well, the puff sleeve being near the wrists rather than the shoulders is perfect for creating a more slimming look while still having the same effect. At the end, I created a more feminine look with a pearl headband, because I am not cool enough to rock leather without softening it up a bit. The finishing touch was a red lip, because red lips is basically armour for women.

    Anyways, I think I have rambled on about fashion & music long enough. If you are in Windsor, I suggest heading over to Dr. Disc on Ouellette. Their selection is pretty amazing!

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    Walkerville & Chill

    New business and new shirt alert. This last week I headed over to the new ice cream parlour in Windsor to have (and I do not say this lightly) some of the best ice cream ever. I know it’s winter, but the chimney cake cone makes it the perfect treat no matter the time of year. I obviously decided to colour code my outfit to the ice cream parlour I am going to.

    Now a days the majority of my clothes are for work, because that is where you can find me majority of the time (This is less depressing than it sounds). So when it comes to casual clothes, I started being more careful with what I buy. I no longer own 50 different pairs of sneakers and 50 different casual tees. With that being said I do love finding fun casual wear to ensure I do not become a pant suit wearing robot forever.

    If you know me, you know I love the Simpsons. It was something I watched as a kid cause my parents assumed a cartoon would be for children. I wish everyone could have seen their faces when they realized it was not. When I saw that MANGO launched The Simpsons collection I was ecstatic! So many graphic tees on amazon or etsy don’t have the quality or style I am usually looking for, but this was exactly the right fit. I even bought the other Krusty Burgers as well (how many Simpsons tees can one girl need? The limit does not exist).

    Something I like about these shirts is that although they are funky, they can believe it or not be used in other ways. Here I am rocking them with my favourite pair of ripped jeans and some sneakers, but this shirt can totally go with a bright coloured dress pant and open sweater to be the perfect casual work day attire.

    Same goes for my pink sneakers. I am still a fan of a good platform sneaker, even when they look like Bratz doll shoes. I think I have worn sneakers with work attire more than heels in the last year, and I do not see that changing any time soon. Mainly because I am getting old and my feet hurt more.

    Anyways, I am rambling. But go check out the MANGO The Simpsons collection if you are as big of as fan as I am, and if not go check out Walkerville Chill, because if you aren’t a Simpsons fan, you at least have to be a delicious ice cream fan. (Hopefully).

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    Here come the holidays!

    It is that time of year for holiday chaos! Between it being absolutely insane at work plus all the winter parties and dinners, shopping is the last thing I want to do.

    Buying Christmas gifts is the like, the worst of the worst. I don’t know if it’s because I used to work at the mall and experienced the craziness from the other side, or if I just hate coming up with gift ideas. Regardless, I took a different approach to gift giving this year.

    It’s one word. Local. It is a great time to support local businesses while shopping for your friends and family. Less traffic, of course, but more importantly you have the chance to find more unique gifts while giving back to the community.

    I headed on down to Biblioasis, a local bookstore in Windsor to check out the many options they have for book lovers. From children’s to cook books to all the self help books, it really has you covered. I also ended up getting myself a little something too.

    So instead of running to the mall, start to check out your local stores and put a positive community spin on Christmas this year. Also did I mention, you don’t have to fight people for parking spots?

    Lastly, I can’t go without mentioning my new favourite skirt. The amount of times I have worn this already is a little embarrassing, but it has become my go to winter outfit. It’s warm, classy, a little edgy and goes with everything! I really love to wear this skirt with knee high boots, and a black turtle neck. Very rarely do I opt in for an all black everything outfit, but when I do, it’s with a piece like this that does not need much else because it stands out on its own.

    Don’t forget to shop the look, as well as check out Bibloasis! You can visit their site here.

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    Nooch – A Vegan Eatery

    I love trying new restaurants in Windsor. I would never consider myself a foodie, but I enjoy a good meal , as well as new and exciting dishes. Nooch is a vegan eatery that opened up in Windsor. Except it’s not leafy, it’s comfort food. Yes, that;s right, delicious, greasy, vegan comfort food. I was a little hesitant at first. How can you make a philly cheese steak sandwich taste good without the steak…or the cheese? But let me tell you, they pulled it off! From my buffalo bite appetizers, to my burger, everything was absolutely delicious!

    The entire atmosphere is intimate and creative, with cool art, dim lighting, and great indoor and outdoor dining options. The owners Stephanie, Mary, Chris and Keith mentioned that they knew there was a need for something like this in the market, and if they didn’t it, someone else would. They greeted all their customers and had great relationships with many of them that came in. They truly have a positive attitude and it exerts throughout the entire restaurant.

    As much as I love new places to eat, I love new outfits for them too. Lunches are hard because you never really want to go over the top, but you still want to wear a fun statement outfit. I went with my snake skin pants from h&m, matched with a comfy over-sized gray sweater and some brown cowboy boots. I am a total fan of using western styled pieces as everyday statement pieces. I am such a believer in using unique pieces as an item you can match with anything. It’s just about wanting to take the risk.

    If you are in the Windsor area, make sure to check out this amazing restaurant. You can find more information here: http://www.noochwindsor.ca/

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    BORO Resale – a Detroit shop story

    I love crossing the border to Detroit for many reasons. Concerts, sports, food and my absolute favourite; shopping. This past weekend I headed to BORO resale – a consignment shop in downtown Detroit, filled with unique items for your closet. From amazing cowboy boots to brand name bags, BORO has something for you.

    When shopping at any consignment, vintage or thrift store. You must mentally prepare first. This is not meant to be easy, but it is meant to be enjoyable, and nothing is more enjoyable then finding that perfect item, in your exact size. It almost feels like fate. You were brought to this store for this reason. I know that’s a little dramatic, but in that moment you really do feel like its meant to be.

    As I browsed I found so many distinctive items. My eyes were immediately drawn to the accessories table, staring at these 90’s style tinted sunglasses. Sunglasses have become a statement piece of their own. Having a pair with a nostalgic feel can really alter your look.

    Near by were tons of 80’s earrings with bright purple, blue and green tones. I have always been an earring kind of gal. I think if I had to pick one accessory for the rest of my life, it would be statement earrings. BORO had a great selection of big and bold along with subtle and chic. It was hard to pick a favourite, but every piece had an eccentric feel that can transform an outfit.

    I then head over to the shoes section. Anyone who loves fashion probably has a “shoe problem”. From boots to sneakers, to every colour heel, it never seems like enough. Shoes is the one place I think people are too shy in. I always see black boots and nude heels. Yes, they are classics, but many other styles and colours can be versatile, you just need to be willing to be a little riskier with your outfits. I laid my eyes on these two toned cheetah print cowboys boots. Saying it out loud, they sound hideous. They were the best pair of boots I have seen in my whole life. With two tones, animal print and a western feel, you have a boot that can be worn with almost anything. With these boots you step up your game to a girl with boots to the girl with THE boots. I continue to browse to find another electric pair of metallic heeled boots. My favourite thing was the small diamond trim at the top of the heel. Small details can upgrade any piece from okay to I need this in my closet now.

    As you can see, shopping is my happy place. Finding pieces that can create a closet that only you have is the best part. Shops like BORO are the place to do this. From jackets to purses and even menswear, they really do have something for anyone who is willing to dive in and explore their amazing collection.

    As much as I love shopping, I love dressing up for it. Shopping is the one place you need to be comfy, but also need to look cool, casual and fabulous. (Let’s be honest, chances are you will run into someone you know, and the chances of the person being an ex is even more likely so you need to look good.) My go to shoe for most mall trips are a pair of the many, many sneakers I have. I take my time, so I need to be able to do it in comfort. I have made an oath to myself in 2019 to eliminate black from my closet as much as possible so I threw on some gray trousers, a basic white tee and an over-sized pink blazer. When wearing a more simple outfit I love to include eye catching accessories. I went with a vinyl brown bag with link chain and (you probably guessed it) big earrings. I felt good, looked good and could easily shop while being ready to bump into my worst enemy.

    I ended my trip with a beautifully tailored men’s blazer. My shopping suggestion to all women is never be scared of the menswear section; some of my favourite pieces, I have found in aisles I have stumbled in on accident. I have been looking for the perfect over-sized blazer and this navy blue low cut men’s blazer did the trick. So next time you go shopping, skip the mall and make your way to your nearest thrift or consignment shop, to find that one piece, that was meant for you.

    You can check out BORO on Facebook and Instagram @bororesale and online at http://www.bororesale.com.

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    Pastels for winter? Groundbreaking.

    I am someone who usually skips breakfast. Mainly because I hate the mornings and usually wake up late with 10 minutes to get ready and get on the road to wherever I may be going. But when you here of cute new coffee shops, you can’t help but want to try and be a functioning adult one Sunday.

    Caffeine & co. is a new coffee shop in the city of Amherstburg. From it’s all white marble aesthetic with flowers and gold chairs, its the perfect place to grab a bite to eat, some coffee and get some work done. I got these amazing waffles that tasted like sour cream glazed donuts (only my favourite type of donuts). They definitely made me start to like breakfast a bit more.

    Today’s outfit is simple. The good simple. A white blouse and jeans can be worn so man different ways. There a some closet essentials and I think these two are on everyone’s list. When searching for the perfect white blouse, I wanted something that has a little texture to it. This white tie blouse from Topshop is perfect. The different lays are some flare to what could sometimes be a boring white shirt. I then matched it with my light blue jeans and peacoat. I love when the weather starts to get cold cause that’s usually when I break out the pastel colours. I think pastels look amazing in the winter time, especially against the white snow. As well, as someone who hates the winter its always great to brighten up my outfits to give me some nice weather vibes. I complimented the outfit with a simple gold rose necklace and some lifted soul sneakers. I love sneakers. When I found these amazing Fila ones, I was sold automatically. Do they sort of remind me of a brat doll? Yes. Is that why I love them? Also yes. The lift with ridged bottoms take them from a white sneaker to a fashionable must have. It’s really easy to incorporate spring colours and pieces into winter with the right outfit. Don’t be afraid to go into your spring wardrobe for this time of year, it sometimes will change your look and more importantly, your mood.