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    Holiday outfit ideas 2020

    It is almost the holidays! How? I am not sure. This year has somehow been one minute long, while also feeling like a lifetime. As we head into the holidays it’s weird time to shop. Things are closing, and the safety of our family and friends is most important. Looking for a holiday outfit, I definitely kept in mind what would look good on zoom.

    For this season, I found the perfect holiday dress. Vero Moda came out a few months ago with their shiny finish ruffle insert dress. I fell in love right away. It is the perfect colour to enjoy in the holidays, but can also wear in the new year. The nude with shiny finish allows this versatile dress to be worn past the holiday season!

    What else I like about it is it can be worn with or without heels. As things are winding down, my holiday plans are quiet, so being able to pair this with a cute loafer rather than heels is ideal. (PSST. Those shoes are on sale for 39.95 right now from 129.99) I love this pear from Simons, that includes giant pearls to add a flirty femininely touch to chunky male shoe. I threw on some panty hose to create a more nighttime look, and I am all set to drink hot chocolate and open presents.

    The other thing I really love about this dress, is the tie in the middle. You can tie it tight to create a more slimming look, or leave it loose to create a more straight dress vibe. As well, the pearly looking buttons tied in the shoes perfectly.

    If you want to dress it up some more, you can throw on some sleek hills and bright jewelry to create a more night time look. Or even ditch the panty hose, and wear this in the spring with a long black jacket so it is perfect for going out.

    Buying things during this time, really means buying pieces that can last, and that can be reused. A lot of people see dresses as a one wear piece, but accessories, shoes and styling makes all the difference. If you end up doing a zoom call holiday, the top of this dress still shines and is perfect for virtual celebrations.

    I hope everyone stays safe this holiday, and if you decide you need a holiday dress, this one is it.

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    Why lilac and green together make the perfect outfit.

    The fall season in Canada is a short one. We go from hot summer weather to freezing weather to a random week of hot summer weather and back to winter. With all that is going on, your fall wardrobe seems to never really get its time to shine. This year, I decided to try and not splurge during fall on things I can wear for 1 week and decided to try and mash up some spring and winter pieces into the perfect fall outfit.

    Something that I don’t like about fall is the need to shove burgundy and burnt orange down our throats. I don’t think seasons have colours, and even if they do who cares. I hate floral in the spring, and I love pastels for winter. For this outfit, I decided to create a fun fall look by matching pastels, with holiday greens. A pastel purple blazer with a satin green pant is the perfect way to create a look with contrasting colours. What is great about both these pieces is that they can be reused in so many different ways. You can switch out the pant for some lilac trousers to create a monochromatic look. Or you can pair up the bright green pants, with some bright orange to make the look stand out more. When buying pieces I always think about the 3 ways of wearing them: monochromatic, toned down, or contrasted. When I can imagine these pieces in all 3 days I know it is something that will not end up sitting in the back of my closet collecting dust. But to be honest though, this pairing is my go to. I think these two colours together are chic, and fun. Contrasting colours are my favourite to work with. So don’t be afraid to leave some of your spring and summer wardrobe out for the fall and winter.

    PS the beautiful purple sandals are on sale right now at H&m.

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    How to make Dani’s May Queen Midsommar Halloween costume

    Alright, I can admit, I get a little crazy over halloween every year. It is absolutely one of my favourite holidays and I cannot express how much I enjoy making my costume every year!

    This year, I decided to go as Dani from Midsommar, in her final look as The May Queen. For those of you who have not seen it, at the end of the film she is wearing a giant floor length dress made of flowers and the crown to match.

    Midsommar costume
    Midsommar Final Costume Look
    Midsommar - final costume look

    I knew this wouldn’t be easy, but The idea of being able to wear a full flower crown + dress as a queen was just something I was not willing to give up.

    To get started, I needed to make sure I had the base for my costume. I decided to go with crinoline as it has the same structure as Dani’s flower dress. I bought one that had an adjustable waist as I needed it to fit around my neck. I got it from amazon, for about $30.00. You can buy the one I used here. Note, my costume did not actually touch the floor. For pictures I kneeled down, but standing straight you could see from about right under my knee to the floor (I am 5’6).

    Next I needed was a crazy amount of flowers. Luckily my mom never throws anything away and had a bunch I could use. I would take each bouquet and would safety pin it to the crinoline and then re arrange each stem how I wanted to after. This probably took me 10 hours of safety pinning and rearranging. (I did say I knew I was crazy bout Halloween). I would also say if I did not have the leftover flowers I would probably have spent around 200$ on fake flowers, but there is another way to do this if you want to budget this a bit better!

    Another way to do it is to buy fake vines from amazon and drape them until the crinoline is covered and you can glue on flowers. This will be less 3D but this will also definitely be a lot lighter. The way I did it looks great, but is definitely a little heavy.

    For the crown I used a floral foam wreath from the dollar store. I created the flower horns (not sure if this is the correct term) by sticking skewers in the floral foam and then wrapping tin foil to get the right shape. I got the idea from the ellimacs sfx makeup YouTube video creating horns. One I got the correct shape I just hot glued any leftover flowers I have to create my desired look.

    Midsommar Costume - Flower Crown

    The crown was pretty heavy so I did need to use string to tie it around my head, and just tucked that behind my hair.

    Lastly, I did a final look and filled any spaces with green fake vines to get my final look. I tied my hair back in a low bun and did minimal makeup to try and recreate the exact look. I did not get the look of despair, grief and pain down, but I am super happy with the final look. My shoulders hurt the next day, but honestly it was worth it. Oh, and before I forget Happy Halloween! Or should I say, Happy Midsommar.

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    Putting the “air” in Air Max

    Women’s Suits with Sneakers is a trend that has come alive in the last few years. Before the suit was known for being very formal, but has transformed into something that is so versatile, that can be dressed up or down.

    Adding sneakers to a suit can change the look of a suit in seconds. This is great, because a good suit can now be seen as more of an investment then something you’ll wear once a year to a fancy event.

    Borrowing from men’s fashion is nothing new. Coco Chanel was an icon, but also really changed the game when it came to fashion because of her love of wearing trousers, and sports wear, as it quickly gained popularity in our women’s world.

    More formal clothes become more versatile has led sneakers to be a closet staple unlike ever before. Sneakers can now be worn with dresses, skirts, jeans, and anything in between. The Women’s Air Max 90 Sneakers can be a versatile enough pair, even with it’s bright colours. I landed on the blue and orange because I genuinely love using colours to take an outfit to the next level. I probably have a million sneakers, but if you are looking for something to wear all the time, this has a high enough platform, but is not too chunky. So many people tell me they hate chunky sneakers? SO if you do but need some height, these are for you. PS. I love chunky sneakers, but to each their own.

    For this look I am wearing a royal blue double breasted suit. Buying the right suit can be hard, because fitting, and tailoring is really everything. I like a double breasted suit because it stands out from the suit crowd. Also hence why I went for royal blue. You can wear it with sneakers and light jewelry for a fun weekend look, or you can throw on black heels with a purse for a day in the office (if we ever have those days again). Another great thing about a suit is it can be broken up and wore differently so many times. The styling options are endless. If you are someone who prefers neutrals you can go for beige, or grey but you prefer colour blue, pinks, purples and greens are the way to go. Moral of the story, a good suit is never a bad idea.

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    It’s a-boot to be fall!

    Yes, it’s time!! Tis the season for all the best things. My absolutely favourite thing about this season is a good pair of boots. We all have our things, mine might happen to be black boots. I can’t wait to pull out my classic Chelsea boots, but I have fallen for a new love. The oversize mid calf boot. I was ecstatic to pull these bad boys out. I paired them with a black dress. I may have mentioned a few times, I am not a fan of all black, so I broke the colour with a lighter white scarf and beige hat, to pull off, you guessed it, another western look. (I really think I am a cowgirl sometimes).

    During this time I am trying to be more careful with the pieces that I own. When most of my time is spent at home my fashion purchases have been more strategic than anything. A solid black dress is always staple piece that can be worn many different ways, so when I found this NA-KD dress I knew it was a great piece for my fall closet. The Call It Spring boots can be worn with dresses, skirts and even jeans, and the best part is they are vegan leather. Lastly, I think a wide brim hat is an awesome accessory for many different looks. Also an essential for bad hair days. Lastly, a silk scarf can be used as a neck tie, bandana or an add on when you get sick of an old purse. I know these are all things I will wear again in different way, creating a closet that I can feel happy about.

    This was honestly one of my favourite shoots! I really do love this time of year. I always feel sick of summer clothing by mid July so having this type of weather this early in the year is a treat. I know I will be complaining when Halloween is freezing, but for now, pull out the boots, grab the hot coffee and enjoy!

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    Back in blue.

    Hi everyone,

    Long time no blog? I am back and better than ever. Okay, that’s not true. I’m back and have memorized what all the walls in my room look like. Things have been strange, and scary, but I am healthy, and so are all the people close to me, so I am grateful. To be honest it’s weird to be writing again. It is weird to be blogging again. It’s weird to be wearing anything that is not sweat pant material. I felt almost silly blogging again. The world is on fire and here I am like ouu look at my latest outfit, but I am trying really hard to still make sure I do things I enjoy. Fashion is one of them. With that being said my take on fashion has definitely changed, for example, sweat suits are now acceptable to wear to the store and frizzy hair is my new thing.

    I am sure I did the same thing as many others at the beginning of covid and online shopped the feelings away. Add to cart was the emotional Band-Aid of the year. I tried to move from shopping to yoga, which helps but by the time I got there some damage was already done. For example, I bought extra wide blue bell bottoms. I will be honest, I know they aren’t practical but I love them….and they were on sale. (That makes it better, right?) In all honesty, I was super excited about this piece. I really enjoy wide leg pants, I feel like it can make a simple look for fashionable instead of a skinny leg pair. I saw a picture of Katie Holmes wearing a similar pair but denim and I couldn’t wait to rock my own pair.

    Having something like giant ass blue pants are pretty fun and easy to style. A chunky sneaker and plain tee will do the job. What’s great about buying something like this is due to the denim like colour and material this type of pant can be really versatile. If you want to make it more street style I would throw an oversize blazer with it or some chunky accessories. I usually go the simple route, which is what I did here. So my new motto for pants was my old motto for life, go big or go home.

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    Buying ethical and sustainable fashion – where to do it and how.

    Hats off to eco-friendly fashion! I know that was corny, but I could not help myself. If you know me, you know I like shopping. I found it to be the most successful way to fill the void in my soul. Just kidding. Sort of. In all serious-ness I enjoy fashion because it is a way for my to be creative, but fashion is becoming a serious problem for our planet. As a fashion blogger (hey, all 1700 followers, I see you.) I think it is important to promote and engage with eco friendly fashion!

    The best way to participate in eco-friendly fashion is to …. CUT BACK. Stop buying things. Do you really need the sweater in a slightly different shade, or the jeans that are the same cut just different length? Trust me, I am not judging, as I sometimes over buy too, but acknowledging you can and should cut back is step number 1.

    A great way to be more sustainable when it comes to fashion is step away from malls and boutiques and start thrift and vintage shopping. Second hand shopping is a great way to not indulge in fast fashion as much, recycle, and sometimes save money. Another added bonus is you can actually find really unique pieces that are more exciting then the trends found in most stores. It also gives you a chance to be creative, I get inspired by finding certain pieces that I know I can transform (cutting oversized band tees into cool ripped cropped tops, or patching vintage high rise levis).

    For all my windsorites, we headed to Full Circle Vintage. In the heart of Walkerville, Full Circle is offering many amazing vintage finds for men and women. It has so many cool pieces to offer, and you can leave you guilt free! When I walked in I laid my eyes on a suede black cowboy hat. Let me say that again. A. Suede. Black. Cowboy. Hat. I needed it ASAP. I am absolutely in love with Western style. From boots to hats to embroidered dress shirts, I am here for all of it! I matched the black cowboy hat with a white shirt with an awesome lifted chest piece that has minimal, but oh so important details. I paired these with a leopard clutch to add colour and dimension, while modernizing the outfit. I then included a leather brown jacket for the full Clinton Eastwood affect.

    As you all know, fashion has the good, the bad and, the ugly. I think we can all try to do more good by continuing to make more ethical and sustainable fashion choices. Start to scout our the vintage, thrift and consignment stores in your city as a start.

    To help some of you find some other eco-friendly choices, I made a list of all-Canadian, all-awesome, all sustainable retailers.

    Enjoy your second hand, earth friendly, and sustainable shopping!

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    Discover the world of records at Dr. Disc

    Music is always a way to change your mood, calm you down, lift up your spirits, or listen to when you are already sad and want to be sadder (seriously, why do we as humans do this?). But it’s also something that can inspire culture, fashion, trends and much more.

    I used to be more of a music junkie but I think that came from having more time, and hope…early 20’s were definitely easier times. With that being said, I still love finding new music, purchasing records and going to concerts.

    My music taste has widened so much in the last 10 years. When I was younger I would always look at boy bands in a negative way. Years went by and I realized it was internalized sexism that I was not aware of. Society often acts as thing that are popular among women are not as important, not as talented and overall not as good. Once I realized that I opened up my heart to so many different things, and now I am a serious Harry Styles and Jonas Brothers fan, not because I am a woman, but because they both are unreal.

    I have always enjoyed music that is feel good, or fun. I enjoy those songs that you here that automatically put you in a good mood or make you feel butterflies over nobody (this isn’t just me right?). I listen to all genres, because anyone who says they only listen to one type is seriously missing out! Currently, I have been listening to my first true music love: Spice girls. For real. They are so so so good. Girl Power! The best! Below are some other current faves:

    • Holler – Spice Girls
    • EARFQUAKE – Tyler, The Creator
    • Read My Lips – King Deco
    • DaNcing in a RoOm – EZI
    • Curly Hair – Jayoh Birch
    • Art Hoes – kadiata
    • Pine & Ginger – Amindi
    • Catching Feelings (feat Six60) – Drax Project
    • Pleasure – DiRTY RADiO
    • Brothers Keeper (feat Pusha T) – Anderson .Paak
    • Tangerine Girl – Asher Roth

    The way we take in music has changed a lot too with streaming services such as Spotify we are now listening to songs instead of albums. This is great because it helps you discover new music, but I really still do love listening to an album from start to finish, they way many artists intended for us to listen. That’s why I love getting records from places (such as Dr. Disc) so I can enjoy music a little different ain a different environment. Plus, always good to shop local.

    As mention, music has inspired fashion in so many ways. Sometimes when throwing on an outfit I am channeling (or trying to anyway) some of my favourite artists. Here is this record store outfit, I was wearing leather pants, because leather is rock and leather is cool and leather that is actually pleather so it can stretch and it can be easy to put on. ha. very rock n roll I tell you. I rocked my leather pants with some leather boots to create a pant melting into my shoes look. Yes, they are another pair of black pointed toe boots. Yes, I know I have a problem. I paired these with a brown sweater. This is probably one of my favourite sweaters. The sleeve detail on it allows it to stand out from your every day sweater. As well, the puff sleeve being near the wrists rather than the shoulders is perfect for creating a more slimming look while still having the same effect. At the end, I created a more feminine look with a pearl headband, because I am not cool enough to rock leather without softening it up a bit. The finishing touch was a red lip, because red lips is basically armour for women.

    Anyways, I think I have rambled on about fashion & music long enough. If you are in Windsor, I suggest heading over to Dr. Disc on Ouellette. Their selection is pretty amazing!

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    Goodbye December

    Buying a winter jacket should never be an impulse purchase. It should be an item that is considered as an investment. Let’s be real, in the winter this is the one item most people see. I used to buy a winter jacket every time I saw one I liked, and the following year would come last years jacket would collect dust in the back. I spent this year looking and waiting for the perfect one. I was looking for a good quality neutral jacket that will last me more than one year. I settled with a wool wrap jacket. An item like this can seriously become an essential item that can keep you warm and bundled in the winter, but worn fashionably open in the spring and fall as well.

    With a neutral jacket you can match with all nude everything, such as light pink or beige scarf and hat, but as I have mentioned many, many times before, I really love colour and find fashion boring without it. With a neutral jacket I made sure to find some bright coloured scarves to cut through the tone and add a pop of vibrant colour. A plaid red or green scarf can be perfect to contrast a camel colour.

    This outfit was a casual December day outfit. The holidays are nuts and you start to gain weight and none of your clothes fit, so it’s always fun to get dressed and depressed to see family and friends. I was rocking some straight jeans and some sleek sock boots. I adore culottes and tall boots. It’s such an easy way to look fashionable without much effort. I fit it with a plain white tee and a neutral bag. Decided to walk into the new year with no resolutions, not many highlights, and loads of 2016 problems still lingering, but I will be walking in with a killer coat, so I guess it’s not all bad? (don’t answer that)