Holiday outfit ideas 2020

It is almost the holidays! How? I am not sure. This year has somehow been one minute long, while also feeling like a lifetime. As we head into the holidays it’s weird time to shop. Things are closing, and the safety of our family and friends is most important. Looking for a holiday outfit, I definitely kept in mind what would look good on zoom.

For this season, I found the perfect holiday dress. Vero Moda came out a few months ago with their shiny finish ruffle insert dress. I fell in love right away. It is the perfect colour to enjoy in the holidays, but can also wear in the new year. The nude with shiny finish allows this versatile dress to be worn past the holiday season!

What else I like about it is it can be worn with or without heels. As things are winding down, my holiday plans are quiet, so being able to pair this with a cute loafer rather than heels is ideal. (PSST. Those shoes are on sale for 39.95 right now from 129.99) I love this pear from Simons, that includes giant pearls to add a flirty femininely touch to chunky male shoe. I threw on some panty hose to create a more nighttime look, and I am all set to drink hot chocolate and open presents.

The other thing I really love about this dress, is the tie in the middle. You can tie it tight to create a more slimming look, or leave it loose to create a more straight dress vibe. As well, the pearly looking buttons tied in the shoes perfectly.

If you want to dress it up some more, you can throw on some sleek hills and bright jewelry to create a more night time look. Or even ditch the panty hose, and wear this in the spring with a long black jacket so it is perfect for going out.

Buying things during this time, really means buying pieces that can last, and that can be reused. A lot of people see dresses as a one wear piece, but accessories, shoes and styling makes all the difference. If you end up doing a zoom call holiday, the top of this dress still shines and is perfect for virtual celebrations.

I hope everyone stays safe this holiday, and if you decide you need a holiday dress, this one is it.

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