Why lilac and green together make the perfect outfit.

The fall season in Canada is a short one. We go from hot summer weather to freezing weather to a random week of hot summer weather and back to winter. With all that is going on, your fall wardrobe seems to never really get its time to shine. This year, I decided to try and not splurge during fall on things I can wear for 1 week and decided to try and mash up some spring and winter pieces into the perfect fall outfit.

Something that I don’t like about fall is the need to shove burgundy and burnt orange down our throats. I don’t think seasons have colours, and even if they do who cares. I hate floral in the spring, and I love pastels for winter. For this outfit, I decided to create a fun fall look by matching pastels, with holiday greens. A pastel purple blazer with a satin green pant is the perfect way to create a look with contrasting colours. What is great about both these pieces is that they can be reused in so many different ways. You can switch out the pant for some lilac trousers to create a monochromatic look. Or you can pair up the bright green pants, with some bright orange to make the look stand out more. When buying pieces I always think about the 3 ways of wearing them: monochromatic, toned down, or contrasted. When I can imagine these pieces in all 3 days I know it is something that will not end up sitting in the back of my closet collecting dust. But to be honest though, this pairing is my go to. I think these two colours together are chic, and fun. Contrasting colours are my favourite to work with. So don’t be afraid to leave some of your spring and summer wardrobe out for the fall and winter.

PS the beautiful purple sandals are on sale right now at H&m.

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