How to make Dani’s May Queen Midsommar Halloween costume

Alright, I can admit, I get a little crazy over halloween every year. It is absolutely one of my favourite holidays and I cannot express how much I enjoy making my costume every year!

This year, I decided to go as Dani from Midsommar, in her final look as The May Queen. For those of you who have not seen it, at the end of the film she is wearing a giant floor length dress made of flowers and the crown to match.

Midsommar costume
Midsommar Final Costume Look
Midsommar - final costume look

I knew this wouldn’t be easy, but The idea of being able to wear a full flower crown + dress as a queen was just something I was not willing to give up.

To get started, I needed to make sure I had the base for my costume. I decided to go with crinoline as it has the same structure as Dani’s flower dress. I bought one that had an adjustable waist as I needed it to fit around my neck. I got it from amazon, for about $30.00. You can buy the one I used here. Note, my costume did not actually touch the floor. For pictures I kneeled down, but standing straight you could see from about right under my knee to the floor (I am 5’6).

Next I needed was a crazy amount of flowers. Luckily my mom never throws anything away and had a bunch I could use. I would take each bouquet and would safety pin it to the crinoline and then re arrange each stem how I wanted to after. This probably took me 10 hours of safety pinning and rearranging. (I did say I knew I was crazy bout Halloween). I would also say if I did not have the leftover flowers I would probably have spent around 200$ on fake flowers, but there is another way to do this if you want to budget this a bit better!

Another way to do it is to buy fake vines from amazon and drape them until the crinoline is covered and you can glue on flowers. This will be less 3D but this will also definitely be a lot lighter. The way I did it looks great, but is definitely a little heavy.

For the crown I used a floral foam wreath from the dollar store. I created the flower horns (not sure if this is the correct term) by sticking skewers in the floral foam and then wrapping tin foil to get the right shape. I got the idea from the ellimacs sfx makeup YouTube video creating horns. One I got the correct shape I just hot glued any leftover flowers I have to create my desired look.

Midsommar Costume - Flower Crown

The crown was pretty heavy so I did need to use string to tie it around my head, and just tucked that behind my hair.

Lastly, I did a final look and filled any spaces with green fake vines to get my final look. I tied my hair back in a low bun and did minimal makeup to try and recreate the exact look. I did not get the look of despair, grief and pain down, but I am super happy with the final look. My shoulders hurt the next day, but honestly it was worth it. Oh, and before I forget Happy Halloween! Or should I say, Happy Midsommar.

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