Putting the “air” in Air Max

Women’s Suits with Sneakers is a trend that has come alive in the last few years. Before the suit was known for being very formal, but has transformed into something that is so versatile, that can be dressed up or down.

Adding sneakers to a suit can change the look of a suit in seconds. This is great, because a good suit can now be seen as more of an investment then something you’ll wear once a year to a fancy event.

Borrowing from men’s fashion is nothing new. Coco Chanel was an icon, but also really changed the game when it came to fashion because of her love of wearing trousers, and sports wear, as it quickly gained popularity in our women’s world.

More formal clothes become more versatile has led sneakers to be a closet staple unlike ever before. Sneakers can now be worn with dresses, skirts, jeans, and anything in between. The Women’s Air Max 90 Sneakers can be a versatile enough pair, even with it’s bright colours. I landed on the blue and orange because I genuinely love using colours to take an outfit to the next level. I probably have a million sneakers, but if you are looking for something to wear all the time, this has a high enough platform, but is not too chunky. So many people tell me they hate chunky sneakers? SO if you do but need some height, these are for you. PS. I love chunky sneakers, but to each their own.

For this look I am wearing a royal blue double breasted suit. Buying the right suit can be hard, because fitting, and tailoring is really everything. I like a double breasted suit because it stands out from the suit crowd. Also hence why I went for royal blue. You can wear it with sneakers and light jewelry for a fun weekend look, or you can throw on black heels with a purse for a day in the office (if we ever have those days again). Another great thing about a suit is it can be broken up and wore differently so many times. The styling options are endless. If you are someone who prefers neutrals you can go for beige, or grey but you prefer colour blue, pinks, purples and greens are the way to go. Moral of the story, a good suit is never a bad idea.

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