It’s a-boot to be fall!

Yes, it’s time!! Tis the season for all the best things. My absolutely favourite thing about this season is a good pair of boots. We all have our things, mine might happen to be black boots. I can’t wait to pull out my classic Chelsea boots, but I have fallen for a new love. The oversize mid calf boot. I was ecstatic to pull these bad boys out. I paired them with a black dress. I may have mentioned a few times, I am not a fan of all black, so I broke the colour with a lighter white scarf and beige hat, to pull off, you guessed it, another western look. (I really think I am a cowgirl sometimes).

During this time I am trying to be more careful with the pieces that I own. When most of my time is spent at home my fashion purchases have been more strategic than anything. A solid black dress is always staple piece that can be worn many different ways, so when I found this NA-KD dress I knew it was a great piece for my fall closet. The Call It Spring boots can be worn with dresses, skirts and even jeans, and the best part is they are vegan leather. Lastly, I think a wide brim hat is an awesome accessory for many different looks. Also an essential for bad hair days. Lastly, a silk scarf can be used as a neck tie, bandana or an add on when you get sick of an old purse. I know these are all things I will wear again in different way, creating a closet that I can feel happy about.

This was honestly one of my favourite shoots! I really do love this time of year. I always feel sick of summer clothing by mid July so having this type of weather this early in the year is a treat. I know I will be complaining when Halloween is freezing, but for now, pull out the boots, grab the hot coffee and enjoy!

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