Back in blue.

Hi everyone,

Long time no blog? I am back and better than ever. Okay, that’s not true. I’m back and have memorized what all the walls in my room look like. Things have been strange, and scary, but I am healthy, and so are all the people close to me, so I am grateful. To be honest it’s weird to be writing again. It is weird to be blogging again. It’s weird to be wearing anything that is not sweat pant material. I felt almost silly blogging again. The world is on fire and here I am like ouu look at my latest outfit, but I am trying really hard to still make sure I do things I enjoy. Fashion is one of them. With that being said my take on fashion has definitely changed, for example, sweat suits are now acceptable to wear to the store and frizzy hair is my new thing.

I am sure I did the same thing as many others at the beginning of covid and online shopped the feelings away. Add to cart was the emotional Band-Aid of the year. I tried to move from shopping to yoga, which helps but by the time I got there some damage was already done. For example, I bought extra wide blue bell bottoms. I will be honest, I know they aren’t practical but I love them….and they were on sale. (That makes it better, right?) In all honesty, I was super excited about this piece. I really enjoy wide leg pants, I feel like it can make a simple look for fashionable instead of a skinny leg pair. I saw a picture of Katie Holmes wearing a similar pair but denim and I couldn’t wait to rock my own pair.

Having something like giant ass blue pants are pretty fun and easy to style. A chunky sneaker and plain tee will do the job. What’s great about buying something like this is due to the denim like colour and material this type of pant can be really versatile. If you want to make it more street style I would throw an oversize blazer with it or some chunky accessories. I usually go the simple route, which is what I did here. So my new motto for pants was my old motto for life, go big or go home.

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