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Buying ethical and sustainable fashion – where to do it and how.

Hats off to eco-friendly fashion! I know that was corny, but I could not help myself. If you know me, you know I like shopping. I found it to be the most successful way to fill the void in my soul. Just kidding. Sort of. In all serious-ness I enjoy fashion because it is a way for my to be creative, but fashion is becoming a serious problem for our planet. As a fashion blogger (hey, all 1700 followers, I see you.) I think it is important to promote and engage with eco friendly fashion!

The best way to participate in eco-friendly fashion is to …. CUT BACK. Stop buying things. Do you really need the sweater in a slightly different shade, or the jeans that are the same cut just different length? Trust me, I am not judging, as I sometimes over buy too, but acknowledging you can and should cut back is step number 1.

A great way to be more sustainable when it comes to fashion is step away from malls and boutiques and start thrift and vintage shopping. Second hand shopping is a great way to not indulge in fast fashion as much, recycle, and sometimes save money. Another added bonus is you can actually find really unique pieces that are more exciting then the trends found in most stores. It also gives you a chance to be creative, I get inspired by finding certain pieces that I know I can transform (cutting oversized band tees into cool ripped cropped tops, or patching vintage high rise levis).

For all my windsorites, we headed to Full Circle Vintage. In the heart of Walkerville, Full Circle is offering many amazing vintage finds for men and women. It has so many cool pieces to offer, and you can leave you guilt free! When I walked in I laid my eyes on a suede black cowboy hat. Let me say that again. A. Suede. Black. Cowboy. Hat. I needed it ASAP. I am absolutely in love with Western style. From boots to hats to embroidered dress shirts, I am here for all of it! I matched the black cowboy hat with a white shirt with an awesome lifted chest piece that has minimal, but oh so important details. I paired these with a leopard clutch to add colour and dimension, while modernizing the outfit. I then included a leather brown jacket for the full Clinton Eastwood affect.

As you all know, fashion has the good, the bad and, the ugly. I think we can all try to do more good by continuing to make more ethical and sustainable fashion choices. Start to scout our the vintage, thrift and consignment stores in your city as a start.

To help some of you find some other eco-friendly choices, I made a list of all-Canadian, all-awesome, all sustainable retailers.

Enjoy your second hand, earth friendly, and sustainable shopping!

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