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Music is always a way to change your mood, calm you down, lift up your spirits, or listen to when you are already sad and want to be sadder (seriously, why do we as humans do this?). But it’s also something that can inspire culture, fashion, trends and much more.

I used to be more of a music junkie but I think that came from having more time, and hope…early 20’s were definitely easier times. With that being said, I still love finding new music, purchasing records and going to concerts.

My music taste has widened so much in the last 10 years. When I was younger I would always look at boy bands in a negative way. Years went by and I realized it was internalized sexism that I was not aware of. Society often acts as thing that are popular among women are not as important, not as talented and overall not as good. Once I realized that I opened up my heart to so many different things, and now I am a serious Harry Styles and Jonas Brothers fan, not because I am a woman, but because they both are unreal.

I have always enjoyed music that is feel good, or fun. I enjoy those songs that you here that automatically put you in a good mood or make you feel butterflies over nobody (this isn’t just me right?). I listen to all genres, because anyone who says they only listen to one type is seriously missing out! Currently, I have been listening to my first true music love: Spice girls. For real. They are so so so good. Girl Power! The best! Below are some other current faves:

  • Holler – Spice Girls
  • EARFQUAKE – Tyler, The Creator
  • Read My Lips – King Deco
  • DaNcing in a RoOm – EZI
  • Curly Hair – Jayoh Birch
  • Art Hoes – kadiata
  • Pine & Ginger – Amindi
  • Catching Feelings (feat Six60) – Drax Project
  • Pleasure – DiRTY RADiO
  • Brothers Keeper (feat Pusha T) – Anderson .Paak
  • Tangerine Girl – Asher Roth

The way we take in music has changed a lot too with streaming services such as Spotify we are now listening to songs instead of albums. This is great because it helps you discover new music, but I really still do love listening to an album from start to finish, they way many artists intended for us to listen. That’s why I love getting records from places (such as Dr. Disc) so I can enjoy music a little different ain a different environment. Plus, always good to shop local.

As mention, music has inspired fashion in so many ways. Sometimes when throwing on an outfit I am channeling (or trying to anyway) some of my favourite artists. Here is this record store outfit, I was wearing leather pants, because leather is rock and leather is cool and leather that is actually pleather so it can stretch and it can be easy to put on. ha. very rock n roll I tell you. I rocked my leather pants with some leather boots to create a pant melting into my shoes look. Yes, they are another pair of black pointed toe boots. Yes, I know I have a problem. I paired these with a brown sweater. This is probably one of my favourite sweaters. The sleeve detail on it allows it to stand out from your every day sweater. As well, the puff sleeve being near the wrists rather than the shoulders is perfect for creating a more slimming look while still having the same effect. At the end, I created a more feminine look with a pearl headband, because I am not cool enough to rock leather without softening it up a bit. The finishing touch was a red lip, because red lips is basically armour for women.

Anyways, I think I have rambled on about fashion & music long enough. If you are in Windsor, I suggest heading over to Dr. Disc on Ouellette. Their selection is pretty amazing!

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