Goodbye December

Buying a winter jacket should never be an impulse purchase. It should be an item that is considered as an investment. Let’s be real, in the winter this is the one item most people see. I used to buy a winter jacket every time I saw one I liked, and the following year would come last years jacket would collect dust in the back. I spent this year looking and waiting for the perfect one. I was looking for a good quality neutral jacket that will last me more than one year. I settled with a wool wrap jacket. An item like this can seriously become an essential item that can keep you warm and bundled in the winter, but worn fashionably open in the spring and fall as well.

With a neutral jacket you can match with all nude everything, such as light pink or beige scarf and hat, but as I have mentioned many, many times before, I really love colour and find fashion boring without it. With a neutral jacket I made sure to find some bright coloured scarves to cut through the tone and add a pop of vibrant colour. A plaid red or green scarf can be perfect to contrast a camel colour.

This outfit was a casual December day outfit. The holidays are nuts and you start to gain weight and none of your clothes fit, so it’s always fun to get dressed and depressed to see family and friends. I was rocking some straight jeans and some sleek sock boots. I adore culottes and tall boots. It’s such an easy way to look fashionable without much effort. I fit it with a plain white tee and a neutral bag. Decided to walk into the new year with no resolutions, not many highlights, and loads of 2016 problems still lingering, but I will be walking in with a killer coat, so I guess it’s not all bad? (don’t answer that)

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