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New business and new shirt alert. This last week I headed over to the new ice cream parlour in Windsor to have (and I do not say this lightly) some of the best ice cream ever. I know it’s winter, but the chimney cake cone makes it the perfect treat no matter the time of year. I obviously decided to colour code my outfit to the ice cream parlour I am going to.

Now a days the majority of my clothes are for work, because that is where you can find me majority of the time (This is less depressing than it sounds). So when it comes to casual clothes, I started being more careful with what I buy. I no longer own 50 different pairs of sneakers and 50 different casual tees. With that being said I do love finding fun casual wear to ensure I do not become a pant suit wearing robot forever.

If you know me, you know I love the Simpsons. It was something I watched as a kid cause my parents assumed a cartoon would be for children. I wish everyone could have seen their faces when they realized it was not. When I saw that MANGO launched The Simpsons collection I was ecstatic! So many graphic tees on amazon or etsy don’t have the quality or style I am usually looking for, but this was exactly the right fit. I even bought the other Krusty Burgers as well (how many Simpsons tees can one girl need? The limit does not exist).

Something I like about these shirts is that although they are funky, they can believe it or not be used in other ways. Here I am rocking them with my favourite pair of ripped jeans and some sneakers, but this shirt can totally go with a bright coloured dress pant and open sweater to be the perfect casual work day attire.

Same goes for my pink sneakers. I am still a fan of a good platform sneaker, even when they look like Bratz doll shoes. I think I have worn sneakers with work attire more than heels in the last year, and I do not see that changing any time soon. Mainly because I am getting old and my feet hurt more.

Anyways, I am rambling. But go check out the MANGO The Simpsons collection if you are as big of as fan as I am, and if not go check out Walkerville Chill, because if you aren’t a Simpsons fan, you at least have to be a delicious ice cream fan. (Hopefully).

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