to be basic or to not be basic? that is the question

Ah yes. Tis the season for pumpkin patch photo shoots and grey sweaters. I can’t resist a good photo op, especially one where men will call me basic while they wear the same three outfits as all their friends year round. Jokes aside. I am a HUGE October person. Mainly cause Halloween is EASILY the best holiday around. I love everything from scary movies, to making my costumes to haunted houses, AND pumpkin patches. I really get into the holidays this month. For example, I am never anyone who does design on my nails, but it’s a special month that requires special circumstances (peep my amazing Maleficent nails and my salad fingers).

Dressing in the fall is tough cause you want to look cute but you also want to be warm. As you get older, you compromise less. You care more about being warm, and making sure your feet don’t hurt. When I was younger I would go out with non-comfy shoes and no jacket cause I didn’t want to cover my outfit. Those days are long behind me, but that’s okay. I have accepted my fate as I enter my late twenties. As I grow older, practical works better. But there are still good ways to elevate a practical/common outfit.

The best way to upgrade your fall sweater and jeans combo is with a funky pair of boots. I love boots. I wear boots in the summer sometimes cause they look cute, and I am a rebel like that. When finding a black boot, I looked for something with a different texture. I happened upon these crocodile skin Chelsea boots, and knew they were the perfect pair. Snake skin, buckles and even two toned boots can stand out when dressing in the fall but can be versatile enough to go with all your outfits.

A belt is another go to piece when trying to break up an outfit. My body type is not one that looks great in over sized sweaters. My butt takes up too much material and they always sit weird on my hips. So tucking in a bulkier sweater and adding a belt can help carving out your body shape if you have the same issues.

Although I love a good fall outfit, the most important part of this day was my friends. I’ve known half of them since I was 4 and the other half since I was 12. While most people are taking family photos, we round up the crew and make sure to get our own. They can make something as boring as picking pumpkins a day to remember and something as simple as apple picking dangerous. We went to throw the apples in the air and catch them (not the best idea) and almost took out someone’s eye. Regardless, I love them and their support for my October obsession.

This time of year is always crazy. I try to best to make sure I have time to do the things I want with the people I love.

To shop the outfit, check out below!

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