new suit & new specs.

Every now and then I trade in my bright clothes for a more neutral look. Now a brown suit doesn’t usually scream fashionable to me cause I usually picture a old school car salesman. I can’t help. They’re always in brown suits. But neutrals are a huge part of fashion. I find most people usually opt in more neutral colours nowadays. When I do the same, I make sure to use accessories to add dimension to a neutral outfit.

I decided to pair a tan blazer with a slightly darker tan pair of dress pants. I actually did not buy this outfit together nor did I originally intend to match them with each other. The small change in tone was actually something I loved about pairing them up.

When doing neutrals I still like to add neutrals with patterns. I found this amazing two toned animal print purse at Aldo. It’s one of those things, when someone describes it to you, you think ‘ew, no’, but when I saw it I knew it was a must have. I threw on some comfy black heels and had an work ready outfit.

Last part of this outfit was my brand new glasses. Yes, finally things that are far away from me are no longer blurry. Hurray! I hate, and I mean hate wearing glasses. I have an arab nose that doesn’t take to many styles and I hate feeling like I am looking through a tiny box all the time. But I went to Seen Vision (located in Tecumseh and Devonshire mall) and the woman working there helped me find a perfect pair. I would try on pairs and she would abruptly say NO, but I knew she was making sure I left happy, and I did. This means I will be fashionably driving into less curbs. Hopefully.

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