end of summer satin

Say yes to red. Bright Red? Yes. Dark red? Yes. Blood orange, which is basically red? Yes! Red is my favourite fashion colour. I think most people love black, but red for me is always a statement. When I found this red satin skirt, I was hesitant, because I own many, many, many satin skirts. From leopard to black to pink to green. So do I really need one more? The honest answer is no, but the irrational answer (since that is how my brain works) is…..ANOTHER YES!

The reflection on this skirt with the bright colour is a staple piece that can become a real head turner (Nobody turned their head when I wore it BUT you get the idea). Again, this is another piece that can be worn out at night, with a tee and funky bag (as see above) or can be worn classy to a networking event with a blouse and high heels. Once the weather starts changing, trade in your graphic tee for a sweater and your opened tow heels for some chunky sneakers and you have a new fun outfit.

I think people stay away from bright colors cause they feel that they can’t wear it often, because God forbid society notices a woman wearing a piece of clothing (dare I say it) TWICE. You can take statement pieces like this and remix it many different ways, you just need to know the how and when.

You know what else I love as much as my new skirt? My new purse. This new bag from Aldo has become my new favourite accessory. My friend calls it a “lunch box”, which truly makes me love it anymore. I wish when I was younger we had adorable lunch boxes like this. This purse is a really playful piece to add to any outfit. I bought it thinking I would only wear it with certain outfits, but found myself reaching for it more often than not. It did come in plain black, which looks great, but I love a printed bag, it stands out more and can add a twist to a plain outfit when needed.

If you love these pieces, look no further! Well, you need to look a little further. Shop these awesome new items below!

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