mix & mismatch

This is probably one of my favourite outfits. I know what you’re thinking…how can I have a fave when they are all sooooooooooo amazing. That’s what you were thinking. Right?

The reason I love this outfit is it shows me how much my fashion palette has evolved in the last few years. I think if you were to give either of these pieces to me years ago I would never, ever pair them together. I would probably match the floral top with a solid bottom, and the striped pants with a plain white or black shirt. As I grow, I realize how fun it is to use bright colours and patterns in my closet. Using contrasting patterns such as floral and striped can create a more unique and playful look. It is one of those things that you would assume just couldn’t work together, but that is in the box thinking.

Matching patterns together is such an innovative way to have more fun with your closet, but needs to be done carefully. You want to make sure the the direction of the patterns don’t clash, or create an unflattering shape on your body. Mixing two types of plaids can be playful and chic, but if you tried to mix plaid and striped you might create a overwhelming sea of contrasting stripes. This is all about experimenting, so grab different patterns in your closet and start trying stuff on to see what feels and looks right.

We headed over to Belle Isle Conservatory for a lovely day of plants, colours and sunshine, which was the perfect place to rock this look. I can’t emphasize what a great place Belle Isle Park is to visit. It might be the perfect place to try your new mismatched outfit.


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