Suit Up!

I am someone who is a sucker for a good suit. I absolutely adore finding a great two piece. Shopping for suits can be tough because a lot of women’s suits don’t have the right fit. I always find myself either looking way too boxy, or like a sales rep from a 90’s movie, so I make sure to keep looking until I find the best fit and colour.

When shopping for a suit, I always, always, ALWAYS go for a bright colour. I can find a black blazer and dress pants, any time, anywhere, so when I find something with a little more spunk, I make sure to add it to my closet.

I also make sure the cut of my suits are different, so that it does not look like I have a closet like a cartoon character, with carbon copy outfits. This specific suit stuck out to me because the jacket was not a blazer, but an overcoat. This is sooooo important to me, because now I have a two piece suit, a spring jacket, and a new pair of everyday slacks. Also with the high rise pants and long coat, you get a more slimming look than a blazer that may cut off before or around the hips.

When styling a red piece suit like this, I usually go two different ways. When it is for a business or work event, I love using black as a way to offset the brightness. I am never a fan of just black, so I used a marble ring, as well as a black and snake skin pattern shoe to create more dimension to the outfit. If I was wearing this for a night out, I would switch out the black top with an light orange tee or blouse ( I adore red and orange and think these two colours together need to be embraced more). I would also probably trade in my heels for a nice pair of high rise sneakers to create a more work/play type of outfit.

I think I have said this a million times, but I will say it again. Work clothes do not have to be boring. Stay away from neutrals such as black, beige and grey and go for the bright and bold. It really makes shopping for work way more fun, and can allow you to use work clothes outside of 9-5. So ladies, suit up!

SIDE NOTE: These photos were taken at Mad Cap Detroit, and I do not say this lightly, best coffee I ever had. Go check it out!

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