Tackling the blues

The winter time has always been hard. The smallest sign of spring and my whole mood changes. You can tell with my personality change and even more with my closet.

I have been totally and insanely obsessed with the colour blue. I think blue it such an amazing transition colour between season. It looks great with the white colours that winter has to offer, but offers the warmth of blooming flowers and bright skies.

I saw Zendaya wearing this unreal all light green outfit and it inspired me to go monochromatic with a lot of my outfits. Sometimes the best match for a colour is the same colour with a small shade difference.

For this outfit I rocked a bright blue suit from Simons. Simons is a Canadian retailer that has amazing private brands like ICONE where I got this unique two piece. I paired it with suede light blue shoes from Aldo, a light blue overcoat and a pale blue side bag.

Transition seasons are such an amazing time to play up certain colours and looks. I always take the time between seasons to find a new style obsession, and if you have not guessed already its fun, monochromatic, colourful and….lots of blue. Time to shake these winter blues, with some bolder, more exciting fashion blues.

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