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Nooch – A Vegan Eatery

I love trying new restaurants in Windsor. I would never consider myself a foodie, but I enjoy a good meal , as well as new and exciting dishes. Nooch is a vegan eatery that opened up in Windsor. Except it’s not leafy, it’s comfort food. Yes, that;s right, delicious, greasy, vegan comfort food. I was a little hesitant at first. How can you make a philly cheese steak sandwich taste good without the steak…or the cheese? But let me tell you, they pulled it off! From my buffalo bite appetizers, to my burger, everything was absolutely delicious!

The entire atmosphere is intimate and creative, with cool art, dim lighting, and great indoor and outdoor dining options. The owners Stephanie, Mary, Chris and Keith mentioned that they knew there was a need for something like this in the market, and if they didn’t it, someone else would. They greeted all their customers and had great relationships with many of them that came in. They truly have a positive attitude and it exerts throughout the entire restaurant.

As much as I love new places to eat, I love new outfits for them too. Lunches are hard because you never really want to go over the top, but you still want to wear a fun statement outfit. I went with my snake skin pants from h&m, matched with a comfy over-sized gray sweater and some brown cowboy boots. I am a total fan of using western styled pieces as everyday statement pieces. I am such a believer in using unique pieces as an item you can match with anything. It’s just about wanting to take the risk.

If you are in the Windsor area, make sure to check out this amazing restaurant. You can find more information here:

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