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BORO Resale – a Detroit shop story

I love crossing the border to Detroit for many reasons. Concerts, sports, food and my absolute favourite; shopping. This past weekend I headed to BORO resale – a consignment shop in downtown Detroit, filled with unique items for your closet. From amazing cowboy boots to brand name bags, BORO has something for you.

When shopping at any consignment, vintage or thrift store. You must mentally prepare first. This is not meant to be easy, but it is meant to be enjoyable, and nothing is more enjoyable then finding that perfect item, in your exact size. It almost feels like fate. You were brought to this store for this reason. I know that’s a little dramatic, but in that moment you really do feel like its meant to be.

As I browsed I found so many distinctive items. My eyes were immediately drawn to the accessories table, staring at these 90’s style tinted sunglasses. Sunglasses have become a statement piece of their own. Having a pair with a nostalgic feel can really alter your look.

Near by were tons of 80’s earrings with bright purple, blue and green tones. I have always been an earring kind of gal. I think if I had to pick one accessory for the rest of my life, it would be statement earrings. BORO had a great selection of big and bold along with subtle and chic. It was hard to pick a favourite, but every piece had an eccentric feel that can transform an outfit.

I then head over to the shoes section. Anyone who loves fashion probably has a “shoe problem”. From boots to sneakers, to every colour heel, it never seems like enough. Shoes is the one place I think people are too shy in. I always see black boots and nude heels. Yes, they are classics, but many other styles and colours can be versatile, you just need to be willing to be a little riskier with your outfits. I laid my eyes on these two toned cheetah print cowboys boots. Saying it out loud, they sound hideous. They were the best pair of boots I have seen in my whole life. With two tones, animal print and a western feel, you have a boot that can be worn with almost anything. With these boots you step up your game to a girl with boots to the girl with THE boots. I continue to browse to find another electric pair of metallic heeled boots. My favourite thing was the small diamond trim at the top of the heel. Small details can upgrade any piece from okay to I need this in my closet now.

As you can see, shopping is my happy place. Finding pieces that can create a closet that only you have is the best part. Shops like BORO are the place to do this. From jackets to purses and even menswear, they really do have something for anyone who is willing to dive in and explore their amazing collection.

As much as I love shopping, I love dressing up for it. Shopping is the one place you need to be comfy, but also need to look cool, casual and fabulous. (Let’s be honest, chances are you will run into someone you know, and the chances of the person being an ex is even more likely so you need to look good.) My go to shoe for most mall trips are a pair of the many, many sneakers I have. I take my time, so I need to be able to do it in comfort. I have made an oath to myself in 2019 to eliminate black from my closet as much as possible so I threw on some gray trousers, a basic white tee and an over-sized pink blazer. When wearing a more simple outfit I love to include eye catching accessories. I went with a vinyl brown bag with link chain and (you probably guessed it) big earrings. I felt good, looked good and could easily shop while being ready to bump into my worst enemy.

I ended my trip with a beautifully tailored men’s blazer. My shopping suggestion to all women is never be scared of the menswear section; some of my favourite pieces, I have found in aisles I have stumbled in on accident. I have been looking for the perfect over-sized blazer and this navy blue low cut men’s blazer did the trick. So next time you go shopping, skip the mall and make your way to your nearest thrift or consignment shop, to find that one piece, that was meant for you.

You can check out BORO on Facebook and Instagram @bororesale and online at


  • Donna

    I enjoyed your article and the pictures. I’m the Gurl who brought THE boots in for BORO consignment. They look Gorgeous perched on the pedestal. Unfortunately no one purchased them – Lucky for me!
    Ladybug in Detroit

    • daliamazhar

      Hi Donna! I absolutely love those boots. I wish they fit me or they would be in my close . You have great taste 🙂

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