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Pastels for winter? Groundbreaking.

I am someone who usually skips breakfast. Mainly because I hate the mornings and usually wake up late with 10 minutes to get ready and get on the road to wherever I may be going. But when you here of cute new coffee shops, you can’t help but want to try and be a functioning adult one Sunday.

Caffeine & co. is a new coffee shop in the city of Amherstburg. From it’s all white marble aesthetic with flowers and gold chairs, its the perfect place to grab a bite to eat, some coffee and get some work done. I got these amazing waffles that tasted like sour cream glazed donuts (only my favourite type of donuts). They definitely made me start to like breakfast a bit more.

Today’s outfit is simple. The good simple. A white blouse and jeans can be worn so man different ways. There a some closet essentials and I think these two are on everyone’s list. When searching for the perfect white blouse, I wanted something that has a little texture to it. This white tie blouse from Topshop is perfect. The different lays are some flare to what could sometimes be a boring white shirt. I then matched it with my light blue jeans and peacoat. I love when the weather starts to get cold cause that’s usually when I break out the pastel colours. I think pastels look amazing in the winter time, especially against the white snow. As well, as someone who hates the winter its always great to brighten up my outfits to give me some nice weather vibes. I complimented the outfit with a simple gold rose necklace and some lifted soul sneakers. I love sneakers. When I found these amazing Fila ones, I was sold automatically. Do they sort of remind me of a brat doll? Yes. Is that why I love them? Also yes. The lift with ridged bottoms take them from a white sneaker to a fashionable must have. It’s really easy to incorporate spring colours and pieces into winter with the right outfit. Don’t be afraid to go into your spring wardrobe for this time of year, it sometimes will change your look and more importantly, your mood.

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