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Holiday Cheer & Volunteer

Christmas is not my favourite time of the year. I get a little cranky in the winter. A by a little cranky I mean I am basically the Grinch in heels. There are some great parts of the season, and one being my favourite volunteer opportunity. I sit on a board of directors called the Red Shoe Society. We are a group of young professionals who host many events for networking and social reasons, but most importantly to fund raise for the Windsor-Essex Ronald McDonld House. One of my favourite events is decorating the Ronald McDonald house for the Christmas season. Am I good at decorating? Not even a little bit. But it truly is such a fulfilling experience to make the home a comfortable place for the families staying in the house. It really makes the Christmas season worth it.

We have also just entered a fun new realm of fashion, from lots of silver and black with frost bite to accessorize. I chose a very chic, simple look this day. I went with a cape blazer from Miss Guided. It really upgrades your look from just a regular blazer. I matched it with black dress pants, to create a dark angel (an angel none the less) look. Cape blazers are really perfect for this season, and can be mixed and matched with dress pants, dresses and even jeans. The right pair of boots and you are ready to take on the very, very cold holiday season.

Note: If you are interested in learning more about the Red Shoe Society, please email me at

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