Who wears sports clothes to the gym anymore?

The first time I saw cycling shorts was on the amazing, beautiful, and iconic Princess Diana. She would always wear them out with an over sized gym sweater and running shoes, and somehow still look fabulous and chic. I love seeing sports wear integrated into fashion as if it’s always been there. When wearing something like cycling shorts I prefer to wear it with something that contrasts the concept of sporty. That’s why I went with a double breasted blazer. To keep the trend of sporty vs professional I mixed in a bucket hat with some bright yellow heels for a pop of colour. Another great way to meet halfway is a fanny pack. I know these along with bucket hats are one of those things you either love or hate. For me and fanny packs, it is for sure a love thing. Next time you find a fast fashion item like cycling shorts try to stay away from the common match. I always see cycling shorts and a bandeau, and that will get old and boring quick. Try to mix and match with other styles to create a styling piece that can be more versatile. So get out your best cycling shorts, but skip the gym and go straight to the party. (Disclaimer: this is not to encourage you to skip your workouts, but only to take your cycling shorts to a new level.)

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