to pin stripe or to not pin stripe ?

To pin stripe or to not pin stripe, that is the question. And for me the answer is almost always yes. Pinstripes have a way to transform any outfit into a high end fashion look. They also do this amazing thing where they make your legs look like Heidi Klum’s, even if you are only 5’6. I struggle finding professional clothes that still have a little spunk. Button down blouses and black pants are easy to wear, but never leave me feeling confident in what I am wearing. Pinstriped and wide leg pants are perfect office attire that have a little flare. I always enjoy adding a pop of colour to make my outfit more playful and vibrant. Add the right accessories and the right attitude and you’ve got a professional look that doesn’t remind you of your grade school principal.

Photos: MilanaRadicMedia
Shirt: H&M
Pants: Topshop
Shoes: Aldo
Fannypack: Zara
Glasses: Adam Selman

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